Start a New Chapter by Sealing your Record

In Arkansas, it is possible to seal an eligible criminal conviction. A felony or even a misdemeanor conviction can make finding a job or apartment difficult. Fortunately, the legislature has provided a number of paths to cleaning up your record, including the First Offender Act, the Community Punishment Act, and the Comprehensive Criminal Record Sealing Act. There are restrictions on which charges are eligible for sealing. The length of time you must wait before you can apply to seal a conviction depends on the final charges on your sentencing order or docket.

Unfortunately, at this time, felonies for which any part of the sentence was served in the Arkansas Department of Correction are ineligible to be sealed. It is likely those convictions can only be removed from your record with a Governor's Pardon. However, if you served your sentence in a facility that is part of the Arkansas Department of Community Correction, then you may be eligible to apply to have your conviction sealed depending on the charges and how many prior felonies you have on your record. 

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